The North Shore Veterans Coalition is a community-based organization designed to connect Veterans, their family members and other supporters with information, resources, and solutions to issues affecting their lives.

As you know, Governor Baker has declared a state of emergency. As a result the MA State has ask us to close all MassHire Career Centers throughout the state and to service all clients remotely. After a few days of resolving some new procedures, The North Shore Office has been able to adapt to the new situation.

Homelyn Augustin and I can service all Veterans requiring assistance  remotely. Our primary means of communication is through our work e-mails. Any phone calls to our work numbers are forwarded to our home locations. I will check my voice mails daily and will return your calls as soon as possible.

On the employment side, there has been a dramatically uptick in Unemployment filing. The number of filings last Monday was greater than the total number filed last month. The numbers are so large that Washington is trying to stop the state’s from releasing the data. With the state of the emergency hurting a number of businesses such as restaurants, bars. movie theaters, sporting venues etc., it is understandable for the sharp rise in filings; however; other employers are still posting jobs so do not give up hope.

If you have been laid off then apply for Unemployment:

For addition Unemployment information:

If you are applying for any position, especially from the list I send out for  the North Shore then let us know because we may have a contact with the company recruiter. Also when applying for a position online then send me the actual job description and the copy of the resume you are going to use  - 99%- your resume will not work because it does not fit the Job posting. YOU CANNOY USE THE SAME RESUME FOR ALL JOBS.

 If you need any help then please call your local veteran Service Office:

 If you need emergency help then contact your local Veteran Service Officer:

 The United Way has set up an Economic Relief Fund to help with food, rent and bills.  Call 1-866-211-9966 and provide your zip code for a list of agencies that can assist.
 In the meantime, stay away from groups, wash your hands frequently and stay safe

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